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Timber and Cedar Roof Shingles

Timber and Cedar Roof Shingles

Cedar roof shingles and shakes are renowned for their insulation qualities, dimensional stability and natural resistance to the elements. Cedar roof shingles contain a natural preservative making them uncommonly durable in their natural state.

The way a timber shingle roof is installed is very similar to installing a slate roof, that is why The Slate Roofing Company, Sydney are your perfect choice for your timber shingle roof installation.

Timber has always been one of nature’s more versatile and attractive materials. Rich in colour, western red shingles and shakes give any building a touch of individuality. Shingles and shakes are ideal for both traditional and modern structures. All of the imported cedar shingles and shakes we use are from Canada and the USA, where strict reforestation and forest management ensure the sustainability of a forest and its surrounding habitat.

Key Benefits of Installing Shingles

  • Versatile – Shingles can be transformed to various shapes and styles producing a rich architectural roofing option, which gives a better look and feel to your home.
  • Wind resistance – They are designed and built to withstand high winds, keeping you safe during bad weather.
  • Cost effective – These are an affordable roofing option available in market. Moreover, shingles are easy to cut and fit, making them the easiest installation material.
  • Protection from fire – By installing shingles you can provide an ultimate protection to your house from fire.
  • Sound protection – This roofing system limits exterior noises, helping you to live peacefully.
  • Low maintenance – They do not require high maintenance and can be walked on without doing any damage to it.
  • Stunning colors – Available in a wide variety of colors to enhance the beauty of your house.
Coverage per bundle (approx.) m2
1 bundle on roofs with 19º > pitch 2.32m2
1 Bundle on roofs with a pitch 14 - 19º 1.76
1 Bundle on vertical sidewalls 3.25