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Welsh Penrhyn Slate

Penrhyn Heather Blue or Bangor Blue is a very commonly used variety of Welsh slate Australia. Welsh Penrhyn slate is originally from the Penrhyn quarry in northern Wales. The quarry has been producing slate tools for roofing since the 13th century. This type of slate is considered to be one of the best in Australia and also globally. It is known for its textures and long lasting colour. Penrhyn Welsh roofing slate is derived from deposits that date back to almost 600 million years.

Welsh slate is known for its remarkable and outstanding durability. Due to this quality Penrhyn slate roofing tiles can last for centuries, with very less maintenance. Longevity is a factor for choosing Welsh slate Australia, and they are sound investments.

Welsh-origin slate has a long history of being exported to Australia. It revolutionised roofing in the country, which previously used inferior roofing methods like timber and bark. This slate type is known for its amazing resistance to water and weather conditions.

Slate was initially not used as roof tiling material in Australia, but as ballast for ships arriving to the nation. Initially, Welsh slate Australia was only used on public buildings such as churches and civic structures. The use of Welsh Penrhyn slate in Australia leads back to the early 1820. It can adorn your home with style and elegance.

Welsh Slate Properties

Water permeability Impermeable
Sunlight unfading Unaffected by UV light
Heat Unaffected by normal heating, freezing and thermal cycling
Chemical resistance Unaffected by atmospheric pollution, sea air and sea spray
Biological resistance Unaffected by vegetable growth, rot or insect attack
Compatibility Compatible with all building materials
Fire resistance Slate is non combustible and does not support combustion. AA fire rating
Thermal expansion 8.5 - 11x10-6 mm per degrees celsius
Thermal conductivity Approx. 2.0 W/mk