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Slate Roof Tiles

Slate Roof Tiles

The Slate Roofing Company is also a supplier of slate roof tiles. Our slate tiles are almost extremely durable and can withstand strong storms and gale-force winds make slate roofs an ideal choice to provide a fantastic aesthetic to your property and a perfect solution for protecting your home and contents.

Our slate tiles are sourced from the highest quality suppliers giving you a durable and beautiful finish on every new roof. Our slate roof tiles come from a variety of quarries throughout the world, and come a variety of tones, textures and colour.

One of the beautiful features about slate roof tiles is that they don’t limit your design. Our tiles are perfect for working around curved or complex shaped roofs.

In our natural slate we carry all varieties including Welsh slate, Canadian slate, and Spanish slate. From our many years of experience working with these materials in a range of suburbs and architectural styles we can provide expert advice on selecting the correct slate type for your property. One of the rich and beautiful features of slate roofs is their ability to change colour over time and once again this is where our experience comes in handy in providing advice about how the slate will enhance the look of your home or property as time goes by. We have worked on a variety of different buildings including buildings of historic prestige like civic buildings, colonial homes and churches as well as newly constructed residential houses that want an authentic feel. All our slate roofs can be easily recycled making slate roofing the environmentally friendly choice for sustainable home construction.

Not only are slate roof tiles the beautiful, durable and sustainable choice for your project but slate roofs increase the value of properties with time because slate roof tiles appreciate at a similar rate to precious metals like gold, silver and copper. So your slate roof tiles will never depreciate in value. Especially luxury homes with water or district views can appreciate in value due to the extensive volume of slate being used.

One must also consider the life cycle cost of your roof. Studies have shown that slate tiles when amortised over the period of life of a roof are the cheapest to use over all roofing materials because slate roofs can last up to 100 years or more in many cases. It’s not worth risking your time and money mucking around with inferior roofing materials. It is best to use quality slate tiles installed by an experienced and reputable slate roof installer like The Slate Roofing Company. Please contact us for more information about our slate roofs and services.