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Lead Work

Lead Work

Lead is the most recycled and recovered building material in use today. It will last longer and age more beautifully than any of its synthetically produced substitutes. Its resistance to corrosion by the atmosphere, which means lead sheet will outlast any alternative building material, making it the best value, both in monetary and environmental terms. So while lead may at first appear marginally more expensive, in terms of longevity and ecology, it still offers best value, and of course, also has an excellent aesthetic value.

Why use lead on roof works?

More durable – Lead lasts three times longer than other man-made products.
More carbon friendly – Lead has the lowest carbon footprint of all hard metals and is up to 100% recyclable.
More economical than any man-made alternative – Lead is 100% more cost effective over 65 years

Lead working is a specialist trade and not something that you should trust with any  roofer or tradesman. Lead is most commonly utilised on a roof with valleys; chimneys; secret gutters; ridges and hips; abutments; vent pipe flashing. Therefore, almost any roof will require lead work to be undertaken and when done well it provides a natural looking feature of a roof.

You can rely on The Slate Roofing Company, Sydney for all your lead roofing requirements to give you the best possible job, at the most competitive price.