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Canadian Western Red Timber Shingles and Shakes

The qualities of Western Red Cedar are numerous. Of particular importance is its longevity due to its natural preservatives. It’s fine, even grain, exceptional strength in proportion to weight, low ratio of expansion and contraction, high impermeability to liquids and low maintenance are indeed characteristics hard to beat. Additionally, they perform exceptionally well in high winds and provide a high degree of thermal insulation.

Cedar’s rich, earthy tones and its warmth and subtle patterns of texture provide long-lasting beauty on roofs, and exterior facades.

This sought after softwood is known for its stability and straight grain, as well as its warm, reddish colouring. Left untreated, they will age to a natural silver-grey colour. These red cedar shingles offer a low shrinkage factor and resistance to warping, twisting and wood checks, for a long-lasting, quality finish.