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The Penrhyn Heather Blue slate, also known as Bangor Blue, is one of the most widely used slates. The Penrhyn quarry has been producing roofing slate since the 13th century, and is regarded as being the best in the world. Welsh slate is extracted from some of the world’s finest deposits, formed up to 590 million years ago. Of that extracted only less than 10% is used. They are renowned for the consistency of their colour and texture.

After 100 years of use, the quality of Welsh slate is such that typically 50% of it is re-used. There is no other roofing material which has demonstrated this exceptional durability.

Penrhyn Welsh slate has been exported to Australia since the very early days of Australia’s settlement. In the early days of the colony, roofs were generally made of bark and sometimes timber shingles. However these were not good waterproofing materials. Slate was initially used as ballast on trading vessels being sent to Australia to collect timber. When the slate arrived into Australia it was then used as a roofing material on many civic buildings and churches. The first records of Welsh Penrhyn slate being used was in the Rocks, Sydney in 1820.

Del Carmen roofing slate, with its distinctive faintly-rippled riven texture, deep blue-black colour and characteristic longitudinal grain, will crown your building in truly spectacular style.

An exclusive slate from the Del Carmen quarry in the Cabrera Mountains of North-West Spain, it is consistently hand picked by architects around the world for its unrivalled beauty and exceptional high quality. The unique colour is totally natural and will not fade, even in the strongest sunlight.

Glendyne slate is produced in the town of Saint Marc du Lac Long, Quebec, Canada. Produced from deposits laid down 500 million years ago, these top quality slates are dark charcoal grey in colour with tones of blue. They have a fine textured surface with a smooth finish so are known for lying beautifully flat on a roof. Like our other slates they contain no pyrites or metallic intrusions. A very reliable premium roofing slate.

Glendyne slate will withstand the most severe weather conditions, and when laid correctly will last the lifetime of the building and require no special maintenance.

The Cwt-y-Bugail slates are extracted from the best Welsh slate vein from the Ffestiniog region in North Wales. Cwt Y Bugail is one of the largest producers of Natural Welsh slate. These Welsh slates are a beautiful dark blue-grey colour with an attractive slightly textured surface. Cwt-y-Bugail have invested time and money into making sure the complete production process from extraction to delivery is rigorously maintained. This precise production results in a slate that is recognized for its aesthetic qualities, low maintenance and durability.

Any roof surface, from a large continual expanse to the smallest of areas, can be enhanced by the natural beauty and quality of Cwt Y Bugails.

Compressed fibre-cement slates offer a man-made alternative to natural slate. Manufactured in Belgium using the best quality fibres, therefore producing the strongest fibre-cement slates on the market.

Due to their precision fabrication, no preliminary grading according to thickness is required. SVK’s are finished with a double layer of acrylic based coating, providing them with both a smooth beautiful appearance but also making them highly resistant to moss growth whilst enhancing the durability of the slates with low water absorption.

Available with textured faces and rivened edges to give a close match to the look of natural slates. Rectangular and diamond sizes are available.

The qualities of Western Red Cedar are numerous. Of particular importance is its longevity due to its natural preservatives. It’s fine, even grain, exceptional strength in proportion to weight, low ratio of expansion and contraction, high impermeability to liquids and low maintenance are indeed characteristics hard to beat. Additionally, they perform exceptionally well in high winds and provide a high degree of thermal insulation.

Cedar’s rich, earthy tones and its warmth and subtle patterns of texture provide long-lasting beauty on roofs, and exterior facades.

This sought after softwood is known for its stability and straight grain, as well as its warm, reddish colouring. Left untreated, they will age to a natural silver-grey colour. These red cedar shingles offer a low shrinkage factor and resistance to warping, twisting and wood checks, for a long-lasting, quality finish.

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  • Kerstie and James - Mosman
    Thanks again for fixing up our roof so quickly!
    Kerstie and James - Mosman
    Slate roof repair
  • Tim and Bryony - Roseville
    Thanks again for spending a Sunday on our roof. It looks so much better.
    Tim and Bryony - Roseville
    Slate roof repair
  • Andy and Nancy - Terrey Hills
    Dave and his team at The Slate Roofing Company have just completed a repair and replacement of the slate roof on our house. It was a pleasure to meet such a professional and skilled team. Dave went out of his way to find a solution for us which enabled us to maintain the character and style of the property whilst fixing the issues we had with the roof. He always kept in contact, was timely and the team managed the project exceptionally. Dave provided us with options which were beyond those that other roofing companies were able to deliver. We would not hesitate to recommend Dave and The Slate Roofing company and will be using them again in the future.
    Andy and Nancy - Terrey Hills
    Slate roof repair
  • Adele Hetherington - Warrawee
    Our family home now has a beautiful new slate roof thanks to The Slate Roofing Company. We have been most impressed with the quality of workmanship of the roof, labour and respect during the process.
    Adele Hetherington - Warrawee
    New slate roof
  • Hugh and Louise - Mosman
    Thanks for the great work!
    Hugh and Louise - Mosman
    Slate roof
  • James Ingham - West Ryde
    We found their work to be excellent. They were well organised, polite and very reasonably priced
    James Ingham - West Ryde
    Slate roof restoration
  • Marc Branigan - Maroubra
    I recently finished a large extension and restoration of my 1910 federation house in Maroubra. The Welsh slate, valleys and capping were in a bad way. The Slate Roofing Company gave me fantastic advice, were punctual and very easy to deal with. They quoted the price and stuck to the price. Dave Sullens and his team worked incredibly hard to fix my entire roof connecting the old slate roof and new extension colorbond roof. A very professional company. I highly recommend them.
    Marc Branigan - Maroubra
    Slate roof restoration
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