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benefits of slate roofing

Benefits of Slate Roofing

Are you considering slate roofing for your home? Here are some of the features of a slate roof that can help you decide whether slate is […]
sheet lead cladding

Know about the Benefits of Sheet Lead Cladding

Many homeowners do not have a clear idea about why lead sheets should be used for roofing. Most convenient for roofing among most of the roofing […]
sun damage to roof

How your roof is damaged by the sun?

Your roof has a never-ending battle with the sun. Besides the damage caused by hail, snow and rain, there is another element that leads to the […]
clay tiles roof

What Factors Should You Consider When Buying A Clay Tile Roof House

Clay tile roofing is more than just a mean to shield us from the rain and the sun. They look great, last long, and are environment-friendly. […]
shake shingles

Thinking of Upgrading Your Roof? Shake it Up with Shake-style Roofing

Traditional wooden shake shingles have been popular in the old days as they delivered great characters. However, their popularity has declined in recent years and replaced […]

7 Different Style of Slate Roofs You Can Choose From

Slate roofs are stylish, long-lasting, and eco-friendly. It is one of the most appealing roofing materials, and not just for their beautiful looks! If you want […]
roofing facts

Top Roofing Facts that will Take You by Surprise

You see many different roofs each day, but what you see from a distance may not be the full story, as roofs are complex in nature […]
save money on a slate roof

Three Ways To Secure Money At The Time Of Roof Improvements

Everyone wishes to keep his or her roof in a sound condition. If you wish to keep your home looking clean and well maintained, it is […]
Guildford SLATE ROOF

Why Summer Is Recognised As One Of The Peak Seasons To Get Your Roofing Done

Are you looking towards getting your new roofing done but wondering when is the best time to get it done? At the point when your rooftops […]