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roofing facts

Top Roofing Facts that will Take You by Surprise

You see many different roofs each day, but what you see from a distance may not be the full story, as roofs are complex in nature […]
save money on a slate roof

Three Ways To Secure Money At The Time Of Roof Improvements

Everyone wishes to keep his or her roof in a sound condition. If you wish to keep your home looking clean and well maintained, it is […]
Guildford SLATE ROOF

Why Summer Is Recognised As One Of The Peak Seasons To Get Your Roofing Done

Are you looking towards getting your new roofing done but wondering when is the best time to get it done? At the point when your rooftops […]

The Importance of Roofing Drip Edge

Do you know about roofing drip edge? Well, if you are unaware of it, let me give you a brief overview! It is basically an aluminium […]
summer roof

Best ways to safeguard a roof from heat damage

It can be quite frustrating to withstand the scorching heat during the summer season. It’s close to Christmas, so we all know it’s bushfire season and […]
roof ventilation

Roof Ventilation & Its Types

Any home or commercial property needs the right kind of ventilation for optimal air passage and temperature regulation. Yet, many homes with functioning vents do not […]
roof gutter replacement

How To Know If Your Roof Gutters Need Replacement

Having a beautiful roof is only possible if you are ready to perform adequate maintenance work. Cleaning off the tiled areas is a good idea, but […]
roof gutters

How To Get The Right Gutters For Your Roof

If you have a roof with gutters that match in respect to colour, it is quite ideal. But is the colour of your gutters the only […]

Simple Guidelines To Prepare your Roof for the Winter

Protecting your roof in every weather condition is key to preserving its condition and reducing the need for frequent repairs. When autumn gives way to the […]