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New Slate or Reclaimed Slate roofing

New Slate or Reclaimed Slate roofing

Slate roofing Sydney, Slate Roofing Southern Highlands, Slate roofing South Coast, Slate Roofing Wollongong, Slate Roofing Central Coast, Slate Roofing NSW. While your property’s roof is high above you and easy to forget about, it is very important to check and maintain your roofing area all year round. A slate roof should last a lifetime without difficult or time-consuming maintenance on your part but over time, Australian weather will inflict cyclical damage especially after storms. To maintain your property’s splendour and traditional character The Slate Roofing company offer an excellent service.

Attributes of slate that make it an effective roofing material include – waterproof, durable, fireproof and low maintenance. In addition, slate is so durable that a slate roof typically lasts for 100+ years with regular careful maintenance.

Using reclaimed slate roof tiles is a popular choice for so many of our customers who are extending or re-developing existing properties in Sydney and NSW, as they often require a match for their old slate roof tiles, or to give new developments an instant period look.

The average Welsh slate roof lasts around 100 years in Sydney and NSW, due to eventual deterioration of other components in the roof system such as the underlay, timber battens and fixings.
This means that during a demolition or a re-roof, the slates can be sometimes be salvaged and re-used, either on the same property or more commonly on another project. Once a new breathable membrane, new treated roof battens are installed, as well as new copper nails for fixing the reclaimed slate, you could prolong the life of your roof for up to another 50 years while keeping the look and character of the property.