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Broken Slate and Slipped Slate

Broken Slate and Slipped Slate

Generally speaking slate roofs are extremely resilient to weather damage and can last the lifetime of your home.

Although nails that hold the slates in position will eventually waste away, meaning that roof slates are often vulnerable to shifting and working their way loose, causing water to penetrate. Severe storms can cause damage to slate roofs, either strong winds lifting the slate if they aren’t fixed correctly or from falling debris such as large tree branches.

Should weather damage occur, slate roof repairs should be executed immediately to prevent further water damage. You can trust The Slate Roofing Company with their ample experience in slate roof repairs. It is difficult for inexperienced slate roofers to repair slate roofs without damaging additional slates and doing the work effectively. Using our roof expertise and experience, we detect and cure roof failures quickly, avoiding major internal damage.

Good maintenance of your roof can save you thousands, by extending the life of your roof. Ineffective covering can lead to expensive work to underlying timbers and any decorative finishes, which will deteriorate rapidly in damp conditions.

Slate Roofing Repair Services

  • Checking the condition of the slate on your roof
  • Repositioning slates that may have slipped
  • Changing broken slates usually with matching slates
  • Replacing an area of your slate roof